1. Call for Ideas

9 December 2014 – 28 February 2015

All Macedonian citizens who have an innovative idea are invited to apply to the open call for ideas. The ideas should be submitted online through the online form on Examples of innovation projects of similar scope and value from around the world will be regularly shared on the website to stimulate ideas and to motivate interested citizens to think differently.

2. Ideas evaluated by Selection Panel

March 2015

From the proposals submitted, the judges (selected previously) will choose those ideas they think have the greatest potential to create social change and will benefit most from coming to the Prototyping event. (There is no fixed limit, but between 6 to 9 ideas will be selected for the event.)

3. Prototyping event!

early April 2015

The prototyping event is an open space meeting. The event will last 2 or 3 days, depending on how the agenda is organized, but must allow at least 48 hours for the teams to work on the development of their ideas. The aim of the event is to transform a set of early-stage concepts into prototypes in 48 hours. The event will be structured on the basis of the selected ideas. Teams will be organized in advance. Each individual or team whose idea is selected for development during the event will get a mentor and technical assistance from developers and designers (or others where necessary).

3a. Prototype pitching

By the end of the 48 hours, teams are expected to come up with a basic working model for a new venture. The event will close with a Show and Tell pitching competition and prizes will be awarded for the winning ideas that demonstrate the greatest potential to create real change. Two ideas will be awarded with $10,000 grants. The award will be granted to the winners through in-kind contributions for the development of their prototypes.

4. Start of the venture and follow-up

May – July 2015

The prototyping event is all about creating the relationships needed to start new projects, and we hope that the proposed ideas will not end with the event. The winning teams will continue to get support from the challenge organizers and mentors until the solution is finalized and deployed. That period usually takes no more than 3 months.